“At Centro Cucina, you feel as if you’re in your own kitchen and when you’re here – you’re like family”

It's All About The Family

Centro Cucina was started in 2007 by father and son Antonino and Giuseppe. With over 60 years of combined culinary experience – their goal was to bring the finest Southern Italian dishes to the North Shore of Long Island.

Antonino, born in Palermo,Sicily taught his son classic recipes and dishes which were a long standing family tradition. Together, they created a delicious and diverse menu paying close attention to every detail.

The FInest Quality

Centro Cucina only uses the highest quality ingredients and delivers the highest level of service to its customers. From the freshest ingredients to the friendly waiters and staff. The owners are always present and ready to serve.

The Pizzeria

Incredible Dishes Start Here

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4,200 square feet of space

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Heritage You Can Taste

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